Letters: Raid on the Marion County Record is a reminder to support journalists

Showing up for the journalists

Re: “Marion County Record ‘Where are the good people?’ They are showing up for publishers,” Aug. 23 opinion column

The op-ed describing the raid on the Marion County Record, in which other journalists are now mobilizing to expose the truth of the matter, is also the main reason our household digs deep every year to continue our subscription to The Post.

We believe that strong, independent papers at whatever level provide a constitutional bedrock of democracy and civic accountability. Without subscribers, the press loses the strength and the will to fight corruption and arrogance in public arenas.

Here we are, Joan Meyer, and for every other journalist doing unsung and sometimes unsavory work. We got you.

Judy Allison, Lakewood

Too hot for school

Another year’s gone by, and in the news they’re complaining again that the classrooms are super hot because there are no air conditioning units in all the classrooms. And at no time can any of these brainiacs that are supposed to be in education think about starting the school year in the second week of September.

Leroy M. Martinez, Denver

I’ll never understand why Colorado kids go back to school before Labor Day when it is so hot.

Why not start two weeks later when average daytime temps have typically moderated? It seems this might help save the planet as well by using less energy for cooling.

Jonathan Williams, Denver

Downtown economics shouldn’t trump environmental concerns

After watching the 9News one evening recently, some Denver leaders were talking about how to revitalize downtown. One suggestion was to require all workers to drive to the office every day instead of working from home. Another option might be the hybrid version, half the time working from their home and half from their downtown office. Yes, this would bring more people downtown, and they would bring their pocketbooks with them for food, parking, etc.

Have we all forgotten about the increased use of gasoline and the increased cost of gasoline? Have we forgotten about our air pollution? Have we forgotten about our crowded highways? Have we forgotten about global warming? Or are all these questions just a hoax?

I’m wondering if by trying to solve one problem we would be creating an even bigger problem.

Thomas DeAngelo, Aurora

Thank you, Kolancy family, for sharing your love of music

Re: Family-owned Kolacny Music, in business for nearly a century, to close,” Aug. 19 news story

It was a feeling of shock and then deep sadness when Deb Kolacny called several weeks ago to tell me their family-owned store would be closing. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for what they have provided to our nonprofit and others for so many years.

When we launched our instrument drive in 2009, Kolacny was the first to offer to be a drop-off site for people wanting to donate band and orchestra instruments. A few years later, when we founded Bringing Music to Life, Kolacny continued in that role, making 13 years that they have received and stored instruments during what has become the annual instrument drive, volunteering store space and staff time. David and Deb Kolacny didn’t need to do that; there was certainly no financial incentive, but they chose to because it would help children who wanted to learn to make music.

A commitment to young musicians and a love of music has been the motivation for the Kolacny family for nearly a century. Along with thousands of Coloradans, we thank them for their generosity and devotion.

Steve Blatt, Denver

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