Letters: Now that Colorado’s Casa Bonita is revamped, it’s too exclusive for us

Casa Bonita too exclusive for us

As a Colorado native of 40 years, it feels like Casa Bonita has been taken away from the people. It’s always been open, and now it is by invitation only. We got on the newsletter list a long time ago, and not one peep. The shine is off. We probably won’t go anytime soon, even if invited.

We thought it was great it got bought and fixed up. Now it feels like an exclusive club. Sad.

— John Hamlin, Commerce City

Rockies off the air? Lose-lose situation

Re: “Rockies: Colorado TV broadcasts in limbo,” Sept. 6 sports story

In what may turn out to be an act of mercy, AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain is shutting down, which may ultimately deny us the opportunity to watch the Colorado Rockies on cable. That’s the same Rocks who are right now making history by racing toward wrapping up their first 100-game losing season. It’s like the cop waving people past a ghastly accident and saying, “Move along, folks, there’s nothing to be seen here.”

— Harry Puncec, Lakewood

Calling out “dog-whistle”  claims

Re: “8 GOP candidates debate funding to Ukraine, Trump’s future race,”

The article on the GOP debate in the Perspective section was marred by the poor thinking of Calvin Schermerhorn of Arizona State University. The debate did not feature “a chorus of dog whistling on issues of race.” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ accusation that George Soros funded “radical left-wing district attorneys” is correct. Opposing those DA’s actions is not racist, nor is opposing Soros’ deep-pocket contributions racist or anti-semitic. That Soros is Jewish is irrelevant, but Schermerhorn must have felt obliged to mention it. Overall, the Republican candidates are committed to reducing crime, but I don’t see the Dems demonstrating that commitment.

And when former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley says there are “…crazy woke things happening in schools,” she is not speaking in code or dog whistling. She’s telling the truth. Liberals’ attempt to reshape the history of America’s founding and their focus on gender issues for young kids is “woke craziness.” Nikki Haley would be an excellent president. She understands personally the value of legal immigration versus illegal immigration. The Biden administration does not.

The other two academicians who contributed to the article were factual and unbiased. Unfortunately, Prof. Schermerhorn simply smeared all the GOP candidates.

— Rob Gray, Aurora

No appetite for this food story

Re: “Game’s on,” Aug. 30 feature story

In an age when we are trying to push plant-based diets for the good of ourselves and the planet, The Denver Post’s prominently displayed online story (“Bobcat Thai curry, venison gyoza are all in a day’s work for Colorado chef-turned-hunter”) about hunting-based cuisine seems out of step. I am sure that in the wilderness area of Colorado where the story takes place, this might be seen differently, but Denver is known as a progressive city. The sight of the young woman chef toting a rifle and posing with her prey wasn’t a good start to my day. Please save your hunting stories for the sports pages so I can avoid them.

— Beverly Bennett, Aurora

On our highways, let’s give travelers a break

Just got back from a road trip and was very disappointed in claiming to be a Coloradan. Nowhere on our road trip was a rest area open. COVID is gone and we, the great state of Colorado, welcome our visitors with “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” and no rest areas.

— Curtis Urban, Pueblo

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